The following list of questions addresses general information about Rutgers Statewide and specific information about the Rutgers-Brookdale partnership.


Where is the Rutgers at Brookdale Community College degree completion program located?

Beginning in fall 2018, the Rutgers-Brookdale partnership program will be located at Brookdale Community College’s main campus in Lincroft, NJ.


Degree Offerings

What undergraduate degree programs are offered through the Rutgers-Brookdale partnership?

We offer seven undergraduate degree programs.


Do you offer undergraduate minors through Rutgers Statewide?

Yes, you can minor in any of the majors available through the Rutgers–Brookdale partnership, as long as that major is offered through the same main Rutgers campus (Rutgers-Camden, Rutgers-Newark or Rutgers-New Brunswick) where you are registered. Speak with a Rutgers academic advisor at Brookdale to learn more.


Can I double major as an undergraduate?

We recommend that you speak with a Rutgers academic advisor at Brookdale to determine the possibility of a double major.


Course Information

Do you offer full-time and part-time programs?

Yes, you can complete your undergraduate degree program at your own pace.


Do you offer online courses?

Yes, there are online components, depending on the particular program and course.


Can I take a course offered at a main Rutgers campus?

Undergraduate students are granted permission to take courses at a main campus on a case-by-case basis, as decided by the Rutgers at Brookdale assistant director of academic programs.


What should I do if the major I'm interested in is not offered through the Rutgers–Brookdale partnership?

Check to see if it is offered through a main Rutgers campus.



Are the courses taught by Rutgers faculty?

Yes, all courses that you take through Rutgers Statewide are taught by Rutgers faculty.


Are Rutgers Statewide faculty available to answer questions and offer assistance?

Yes, Rutgers faculty are here to help you.



Is there a minimum number of credits that I must take every semester?

No, you can complete your degree at your own pace.


Do I have to complete my associate degree before I can apply through Rutgers Statewide?

No, an associate degree is not required to apply. The number of credits required before you apply depends on the degree you select and the level of courses you have taken. Speak with a Rutgers academic advisor at Brookdale for further clarification.


Are the requirements for acceptance into Rutgers Statewide the same as applying to Rutgers University?

Yes. You are applying to be a Rutgers student and once you complete your degree program, you will earn a Rutgers degree.


If I have 60+ plus credits from another university or a community college, can I apply to Rutgers Statewide?

Yes, you can. To apply to Rutgers Statewide, you must meet all Rutgers University admissions criteria.


Is there a certain GPA that I have to maintain in order to apply to Rutgers Statewide?

To discuss this question in further detail, talk with the Rutgers academic advisor at Brookdale. Regardless of what program you are interested in, you must meet all Rutgers University admissions criteria.


Application Process

Is the application process the same as applying to Rutgers-Camden, Rutgers-Newark or Rutgers-New Brunswick?

Yes, the application process is the same, depending on your program.


Do I have to wait until I graduate from an accredited community college before I can apply to Rutgers through Rutgers Statewide?

No, you can begin to speak with a Rutgers academic advisor at Brookdale as soon as you decide you want to obtain a four-year degree at Rutgers.


When do you accept applications and what are the deadlines?

When to apply and when you will receive a decision is based on where your program is located.


If I am not accepted on the first attempt, can I reapply?

Yes, you may reapply if you are not accepted.


How do I transfer my credits?

For details on transferring credits, please visit the page for your specific program. If you are a transfer student from a N.J. community college, visit NJ Transfer for help with transfer equivalency and course equivalency.


Is the course registration process for Rutgers at Brookdale Community College the same as at Rutgers-Camden, Rutgers-Newark or Rutgers-New Brunswick?

Yes, the course registration process is the same. Make sure that you apply to your program of choice at Brookdale Community College.



What services are offered at the Brookdale Community College location?

Personalized, on-site academic advising and enrollment consultation are available at Brookdale’s main campus in Lincroft as well as computer labs and access to the Rutgers University library system.


Am I eligible to use the facilities at Rutgers-Camden, Rutgers-Newark and Rutgers-New Brunswick?

Yes. You will receive a Rutgers identification card as well as a NetID which provides you with access to all Rutgers facilities, including the library system, computer labs, gym, etc. If you have a specific eligibility request, check with your academic advisor at Brookdale.


Tuition & Financial Aid

Are the tuition and fees the same as those charged by Rutgers-Camden, Rutgers-Newark or Rutgers-New Brunswick?

College costs vary depending on your particular program. Access information about academic expenses, Rutgers Statewide tuition and fees, tuition assistance, financial aid and scholarships. Learn more.


Is financial aid available?

Yes, financial aid is available to students attending Rutgers at Brookdale Community College. The Rutgers Office of Financial Aid can help you plan for and meet the expenses associated with attending Rutgers, including cost, eligibility, how to apply for aid, types of aid, tools and resources.



Does a degree from Rutgers Statewide have the same value as a Rutgers University degree?

Absolutely, a degree from Rutgers University holds the same value regardless of where it was achieved. You will receive the same degree as those graduating from one of the main campuses.


Is there a commencement ceremony for Rutgers Statewide students?

Yes, and we invite you to also attend the Rutgers University commencement ceremony at the school of record campus. For example, if you major in Criminal Justice, a program through the Rutgers School of Arts & Science—New Brunswick, and attend classes at Brookdale Community College, your commencement ceremony will be held on the New Brunswick campus.


General Information

How long does it usually take for a student to complete an undergraduate degree through Rutgers Statewide?

Each student progresses at his or her own pace, so there is no definitive answer. Students may attend on a part- or full-time basis.


What is the policy if I have to take time off from pursuing my degree?

The policy of Rutgers University applies if you have to take time off while pursuing your degree. You can speak with a Rutgers academic advisor at Brookdale for more information and review information about interruption of enrollment from the Rutgers Office of Academic Services.


What is the policy if I want to transfer to one of the three Rutgers main campuses?

You can transfer to a main campus, but this is determined on an individual basis assuming that you meet all of the Rutgers University requirements.


What are the benefits of being a Rutgers student through the Rutgers Statewide program?

There are many benefits of completing your undergraduate degree through Rutgers Statewide: avoid the cost and time of commuting to a distant campus; save the room and board costs associated with living on campus; enjoy small class sizes and ready access to faculty members; benefit from one-on-one academic advising and enrollment consultation by dedicated Rutgers Statewide staff as well as computer labs and access to the Rutgers University library system; and graduate with a prestigious Rutgers degree, joining a powerful network of more than 480,000 Rutgers alumni.


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