Tuition and Fees

*Sample costs per semester



Part-time(6 credits per semester)







Room & Board



Core cost per semester






Lab Fees

can add $100



can add $100 per course


*This is a sample only. Your cost will depend on: Cost per credit: this sample is based on $383 for School Arts & Science. Cost range from $383 to $3936 for business classes $463 for nursing classes
Number of credits: full-time costs in this sample are based on average 15.5 credits needed to graduate in four years. Part-time costs are based on six credits per semester.
Fees: these costs vary for student services and information technology vary by program and campus and number of credits. A detailed list of fees is available at
Lab & other course fees: some science and art course include extra fees, typically about $100 per course.
Non-Rutgers fees: required textbooks may surpass $100 per course; some science texts may be more than $200.

Detailed Costs by Program Area

Rutgers Statewide partners with departments on the New Brunswick, Newark and Camden campuses. Your tuition and fees will vary based on the major your select. If you don’t know the campus and department providing your major, we recommend you discuss your goals with a Rutgers Statewide advisor. Feel free to call or email now. With that information, select the appropriate cost sheet below:

Rutgers University-Camden

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Rutgers University-Newark

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Rutgers University-New Brunswick

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