Journalism & Media Studies

The Department of Journalism and Media Studies offers a major leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. It provides undergraduate students with a broad spectrum of courses in the theory and practice of journalism and mass media, preparing them for professional careers in newspapers, magazines, television, radio, news agencies, publishing, public information services, and more!  The department focuses on the practice of journalism and mass media, the impact of media on society, public policy and understanding, and the planning and development of public information systems. In the journalism and media studies major, students learn to write and report by covering the metropolitan region around them. Journalism is taught as part of a liberal arts education that blends theory and practice. Courses explore writing, reporting, the history of journalism, contemporary media issues, television, radio, computer-assisted reporting, and writing for the web. Some classes may require a laboratory fee. An internship is required for both the major and minor. Students majoring in journalism and media studies work for print and broadcast news organizations. Others have gone on to graduate school and law school. A minor is required with this major. All students must declare a minor while in the Journalism & Media Studies major.

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Admissions Requirements

Students with an earned associate’s degree in Journalism & Media Studies from any accredited community college are eligible to apply to the Journalism & Media Studies program.  Specific pre-requisite courses may be required. 

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