Psychological inquiry lies at the heart of the social sciences. It is concerned with understanding how the behavior of the individual depends on biological, developmental, cognitive, and social processes. Courses offered by the psychology department are designed to give students a thorough grounding in modern research and theory about psychological processes at many different levels.

Psychology is the multidimensional scientific study of behavior and thought processes. Psychologists study the structure and function of the nervous system; basic processes such as sensation, perception, and cognition; and complex phenomena such as development, individual behavior, group dynamics, personality, and abnormal behavior.

The psychology major provides students with a broad background for understanding behavior through exposure to theories and scientific research across a range of sub-disciplines. Students thus acquire the preparation necessary to pursue graduate training in clinical or research psychology or to enhance the pursuit of related professions such as education, social work, medicine, or criminal justice.

Transferring from
Atlantic Cape Community College

Potential Career Paths

Psychology majors can find jobs in social service agencies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, rehabilitation centers, and correctional institutions. They may also find jobs in business and industry in market research, public relations, customer service, management, advertising, human resources, or sales.

Admissions Requirements

Students with an associate’s degree from an accredited community college are eligible to apply to the Psychology program.

Transferring Credits

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey will transfer a maximum of  60 credits or one-half of the total degree credits required for a baccalaureate degree from a NJ county college to a Rutgers degree program for those students who have completed an A.A. or A.S. degree. Please visit the NJ Transfer website at to look up the Recommended Transfer Program (RTP) for any undergraduate major at Rutgers. Students may be awarded up to 90 credits from a 4-year institution.

Ready to Apply?

We highly recommend contacting an advisor to help guide you through the application process.